Say A Prayer.

Let’s Say A Prayer,

Heavenly Father I thank you for today, I thank you for the grace you granted us to witness. I give you all praise and Glory. We thank you for our families, friends, church, nation, and the world at large. We thank you for Your Peace that passeth all understanding. 

We come before your throne of Mercy today and ask that you forgive us our sins and cleanse our hearts from all iniquities. Create in us a new heart and renew Your Holy Spirit within us. We believe that You died and resurrected for the atonement of our sin, and we ask that You give us the Grace to live a sinless and holy life, so Your sacrifice for us won’t be in vain. As we constantly die to the flesh and yearn for the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit in our life.

Holy Spirit we ask that You help us live according to the will and purpose of the Father. As You guide us in the Reality of His Truth. Help us to grow in Christ Likeness daily, putting in mind that we are His ambassadors here on earth and that as pilgrims we will leave this earth to Reign with Christ. Help us not to conform to every form of worldliness and the rulings of the flesh.

But instead grant us the grace to carry the cross as soldiers of Christ and be ready at all times to preach the word and defend it against post-modern attacks and philosophies of men. Teach us and help us grow so that we may lack nothing in the Knowledge of the word and our faith.

We ask that you bless us, and supply our needs according to Your riches in glory. Strengthen us so we can do all things you’ve commanded and fufill Your purpose and will. Provide for us and open the windows of heaven over us, help us harvest our fruits in due season and restore everything we have lost in past year as we obey and do your commandments.

We hide under the shadow of the Almighty, and we ask that You protect us and keep us from all evil. Keep us and preserve our soul from all evil. Bless our going out and our coming in.

We pray for Your divine healing to as many that are sick. We pray that every barren womb becomes fruitful. We pray that You comfort as many that are bereaved and have lost their loved ones. We pray for as many seeking for their life partners and marital bliss that You meet their heart desires and heal their wounds. Holy Spirit we ask that you become a Father to the Fatherless, Mother to the Motherless, Parent to the Orphan, Husband to the Widows and Wife to the Widowers.

We pray for as many that have not been saved, that they receive the truth of Christ as Your Convicting Power visits their hearts. We pray they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

 We Pray for every member of the household of Faith and the body of Christ, that you encourage them at ll times. Please don’t let us fall, we cannot afford to stop running until we are called up to Glory with You. Because the devil will never take a break, help us not to be weary and never to backslide. Help us to be disciplined to become a true ambassadors of Christ, Let our Light shine across the world.

We pray that the gate of hell will never prevail against the Church, and we ask that You strengthen all Your Ministers, Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Singers, Bishops and every member of the body of Christ, may they not lose focus on Christ Jesus.

We finally pray for all nations, political heads, governors, that you will instill the fear of God in their hearts. Help them to put the interest of the citizens at heart, guide them, direct them, instill your wisdom and knowledge in them and finally bless them too.

We pray for peace in the World, heal us from every pandemic and diseases. We pray for peace in all War zones. We pray against every form of natural and man-made disasters, and we ask that You Reign over lives.

We thank you Jesus because we know You have answered us, We praise you and give you all glory, honour and adoration, as we pray in Jesus Name. Amen.

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Thanks, God Bless You.

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